Evidenced-based web applications that improve the wellbeing of client and patient populations.

Radiant Behavioral is a boutique web development firm specializing in the behavioral health and wellbeing sectors. We leverage internet technology to help people achieve improved life-management skills in the areas of behavioral health, behavioral change, resilience, wellness, disease management, work-life balance, and day-to-day living.

Radiant licenses “private label” versions of its proprietary websites to individual mental health practitioners, and local, regional and national companies across a variety of industries. These practitioners and companies look to Radiant to bring an engaging and meaningful web-experience to their clients, patients, and constituents.

Our private label solutions are utilized by employee assistance programs (EAPS), employers, behavioral health vendors, hospitals, medical groups, treatment centers, and coaching & counseling organizations and providers.

To learn more about our proprietary web products, select from the following:
Catalyst Therapy Platform
The Catalyst Therapy Platform offers an array of interactive clinical and coaching tools to help therapists increase client engagement, enhance therapeutic alliance, and improve client outcomes
Catalyst Recovery Platform
The Catalyst Recovery Platform, designed for addiction treatment centers and addiction counselors, enhances diagnosis of co-occurring disorders, outcome tracking, and relapse prevention
Outcome Tracker
Outcome Tracker is a screening and analytics platform that measures the effectiveness of coaching and counseling interventions provided by employee assistance programs, behavioral health vendors, and counseling centers
Better Living
Better Living is an interactive wellbeing portal that provides employee assistance programs, behavioral health vendors, and health plans a more comprehensive, holistic approach to population health management than traditional wellness programs
True Resilience
True Resilience is a resilience platform that teaches employees how to build a resilience “skill-set” to better navigate work-life stressors, thereby mitigating absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover
Omni Work-Life
Omni Work-Life is an interactive work-life platform that contains a variety of resources which help employees achieve sustainable work-life balance to better navigate workplace demands and everyday living.
Healthy Living Checkup
Healthy Living Checkup is a biometrics platform that facilitates identification and prevention of metabolic syndrome among workplace and medical group populations through screening and lifestyle intervention
Behavioral Health Checkup
Behavioral Health Checkup integrates behavioral health into the primary care setting by enabling medical groups to seamlessly screen their patient populations for up to 15 different behavioral health conditions, and thereby contain costs associated with often overlooked co-occurring disorders
Addiction Screener
Addiction Screener helps treatment centers convert more of their website visitors to enrollees by allowing visitors to self-screen for alcohol or drug addiction, and then share their screening results with treatment center staff for follow up
Eldercare Screener
Eldercare Screener helps assisted living facilities convert more of their website visitors to residents by allowing visitors to take a screening to determine whether they are candidates for assisted living, and then share their screening results with facility staff for follow up
Bully Report
Bully Report enables middle and high school students to easily, and anonymously report bullying to school administrators from any internet connected device
Relationship 911
Relationship911® is the preeminent resource for those struggling with relationship issues, and those dealing with the aftermath of a divorce or breakup